Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Done Timesheets app?

Done is a Windows 10 app that helps you record the time spent against clients and projects. It can be used to keep track of what you've worked on each day, as well as reporting the time taken for individual projects.

If you are a freelancer, you can add a bill amount for each project, and then send the client an email listing the work undertaken and how much they owe. You can also mark any payments against a timesheet item.

Who is the developer behind the app, and why was it written?

Done was developed by Adrian Johnson from Nottingham, England, where he works as a developer for a Facilities Management company. It was produced as a Side Hustle - a project completed in spare time as a learning exercise, and to see what happens next.

The story of Done is that, as part of his daily work, Adrian takes part in daily meetings where the previous days work is discussed as the plan for the day ahead. The company also has a timesheet system which is difficult to update on a daily basis. Adrian developed Done to have an accurate way of recording the work he completed and then updating the timesheet system where he works.

Whilst developing Done, Adrian wondered if others might find it useful, and so wrote a blog about the process. He then decided to release the app on the Microsoft Store.

Feature x is missing.

Done was initially developed in a 3 week period during Autumn 2017 to learn about the process of developing for Windows 10, after which development stopped in order to get the app through the verfication process for the Microsoft Store. Adrian had hoped it would be released soon afterwards so he could concentrate on fixing bugs and adding missing features or new ones. Instead he spent a lot of time getting his Microsoft account verified so that the app could get released in the first place!

Now the app is released, Adrian can concentrate on adding new features and resolving any issues. There is a dedicated page on this site which will list features coming to the app.

Will there be a version for Mac/iPhone/Android?

The premise behind Done was to learn about the process for developing for Windows 10, mainly because Adrian using Microsoft specific languages (C#) for his day job and didn't want to learn a new one. Microsoft now own a development tool, Xamarin, which uses the C# language to develop cross-platform apps. Adrian may explore this in the future, though would prefer to improve Done for Windows 10 in the meantime.

Details of future releases will be listed on the Future Releases (Work in Progress) page.

Where can I leave feedback?

If you'd like to leave a review for the app, you can do so on the Microsoft Store.

For help and support, or to suggest new features, you can email Adrian and he will respond as soon as he can. You can also use Twitter and Facebook to get in touch if you prefer. Please be courteous in any feedback you leave - behind an email or social media account is a real person.